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It's what's in the bottle that counts.

This page is dedicated to you. Guiding you through the various regions, grape varieties and other interesting technicalities of the making, and drinking, of our wonderful portfolio of wines.

Keep an eye out as we continually update this page, helping you dive into our wonderful world of wine.

Biodynamic Wine
Biodynamic wine production could be described as an extreme version of organic viticulture.

Based on the agricultural theories of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s, it actually pre-dates organi

Food and Wine
What makes great wine list design?
Wine lists are often the first point of contact with your customers, after your friendly waiting staff of course. Therefore your wine list should entice customers and not intimidate.
South Africa Rain
Our buying team head to South Africa...

After an 11 hour flight we touched down in Cape Town on Saturday morning.

About Cantina Kaltern
Kellerei Kaltern is a winery on the edge of two worlds and two cultures.
Sales Team in Rioja
Tempranillo Blanco & Azabache
When is a red variety not a red variety? Answer: when it’s Tempranillo Blanco of course!

This Riojan grape variety was discovered in 1988 when a single vine mutated to produce yellow-green grapes.

Scott Malyon
WSET Results
Training is one of the pillars of the Ellis offering, going the extra mile to make the business of wine work for our customers.

This applies to our staff too and we are very pleased to announce that Maria (Graphic Designer), Nicola and V

Ellis Grapes
Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon was created accidently as a natural genetic crossing, dating back to seventeenth century France cross-bred white Sauvignon Blanc and red Cabernet Franc plants.

Ellis Champagne
Introduction to Provence.

The home of one of the best known styles of rosé, Provence is a region and historical province of south-eastern France.

Tricky pairings: Asian Cuisine
Spice up your life!

Pairing wine and spicy food is a notoriously tricky task, the many layers of flavours in Caribbean, African, Asian and South American cuisines often very difficult to merge with many classic wine styles.