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It's what's in the bottle that counts.

This page is dedicated to you. Guiding you through the various regions, grape varieties and other interesting technicalities of the making, and drinking, of our wonderful portfolio of wines.

Keep an eye out as we continually update this page, helping you dive into our wonderful world of wine.

Summer of Soave
From 1st May 2019, #SummerofSoave celebrates the many splendours of Italy’s finest, silkiest white wine...


Wine and Glass
Caladoc & Famille Deroose
Our wine buyers continue to expand our portfolio with new and exciting wines from family owned wineries across the world.
wine making
Wines with a conscience
As consumer demand grows for wines aligned to a more responsible philosophy, we have been scouring the wine-producing world to ensure we have a wide range available. Where 20 years ago
Think Pink...
Rosé is an increasingly popular wine category; our rosé sales in 2018 were an incredible 73% up on the previous year!

There are of course many different styles from the regions around the winemaking world.

Susanna Crociani – Azienda Agricola Crociani
International Women’s Day 2019
To help celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought it would be good to highlight some of the amazing women we work with in the industry.
Megan & Matthew blending
Our buyers get blending...
It might seem like an eternity ago now, but mid-January Matthew and I embarked on a week-long trip down to the south of France finishing up in the Rhone.

We started off in Carcassonne, visiting 2 of our part

Caladoc grape variety

Caladoc is a red French wine grape variety planted primarily in the southern wine regions such as the Languedoc. The grape is a crossing of Grenache and Malbec created by Paul Truel in 1958 at Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique.

A-Z Ellis Tasting
A-Z of the Ellis Tasting...
We are busy preparing for our Annual Tasting in February.
Matthew Blending
Our buyers head to Spain...
Every year, we take a trip down to Extremadura in the south of Spain to blend the new vintage of our El Zafiro wines.

After landing