Summer of Soave


From 1st May 2019, #SummerofSoave celebrates the many splendours of Italy’s finest, silkiest white wine...


In one sense Soave is a classic – like the Victorian novel that everyone thinks they know. It is probably the most famous and one of the most exported Italian still white wines. Garganega (aka Lady Garga) has been grown on the Soave hills for centuries. Soave was the first white wine in Italy to receive ‘vini tipici’ recognition in the 1930s, pre-dating the DOC system.

The Soave production area is situated in the eastern part of the hills in the province of Verona The area includes part or all of the lands belonging to the municipalities of Soave, Monteforte d'Alpone, San Martino Buon Albergo, Lavagno, Mezzane, Caldiero, Colognola, Illasi, Cazzano, Roncà, Montecchia and San Giovanni Ilarione.  The climate of the Soave region is influenced by the mists that flow from the Po Valley in the autumn and can bring the viticultural hazards of mould and other grape diseases.

The use of the specification “Classico” with the designation “Soave” is reserved for the product made from grapes harvested and vinified in the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone, .ie. the oldest, original “classic” zone.


Grape Varieties

The two principle grapes that make Soave are Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave. Whilst Garganega is not markedly aromatic in nature, it displays a small range of perfumes of which almonds and white flowers. Trebbiano di Soave has shown itself to be the ideal partner, its tangy liveliness blending with the typical structure and density of the Garganega variety.


Balestri Valdi

Owner and winemaker Guido Rizzotto has dedicated his life to creating high quality wines and tending to his land. He strives for excellence in the cellar and vineyards, saying no to chemicals and tending to the vines in accordance with organic principles (currently under conversion and will be certified organic in 2019). A deep-rooted belief in the importance of caring for the ecosystem led Guido to start beekeeping in order to protect biodiversity. Balestri Valda is located in the original 'Classico' production zone of Soave so they grow only local grapes and keep yields low in the interest of achieving their highest quality. See their wines here.