Musita Wines from Siciliy.


We have a great range of new wines from Sicily, which we would love you to try - they will be at our Annual Tasting in February

Situated in western Sicily in the hilly territory of Salemu, Musita comprises 50ha of vineyards at an altitude of 500 metres.

Family run for five generations, Don Ignazio Ardagna planted the first vineyard on the slopes of Musita. The winery has been handed down through the generations and today Carmela Ardagna is the winemaker.

The winery was built in the 1970's on the same hill and boasts state of the art equipment to create high quality wines using a mixture of traditional and international grape varieties.

The name Musita stems from the name of an ancient mosque (one of the most prominent in Sicily at the time) which was located in the area.

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