Tenuta Neirano

Francesca Sperone
Francesca Sperone at our 2017 tasting.

The Sperone family has a long history of wine making in Italy, returning to their roots to establish Tenute Neirano in Piedmont in the 1980’s.

The origins of the company began when Antonio Sperone began making wine in 1911, and is now a wine-growing and wine-producing estate of great importance, combining rural traditions and modern technology.

The current generation are the 4th of the family to carry on the traditions and values of their founders, with a deep rooted love and enthusiasm for their wines.

Tenute Neirano is located in a lovingly restored 17th century villa built on top of a hill in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo, near Asti, in the heart of Monferrato. It is surrounded by 25 hectares of estate vineyards in the heart of the production of some of the top wines of the Piedmont region.

The region is unique, it has a colder continental climate in winter, with low rainfall as a result of the rain shadow effect of the Alps, followed by a warm dry summers.


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