Enrico Rivetto
Enrico Rivetto

The Rivetto family has been established in the Piedmont region since 1902, and it remains very much a family concern to this day. The family own various vineyard sites around the historic town of Alba which are planted with the famous Nebbiolo grapes that make both classic and modern styles of Barolo. This has been lead by Enrico Rivetto, sole owner of this Piedmont vineyard.

He believes that for wines to be an authentic expression of their territory, it is necessary to trust the vineyard and lead it toward self-regulation. This is why their wine-making is minimalist:and sometimes they think it's better to not take action.

They don't use synthetic chemicals for weeds, defence or fertiliser.Instead they use natural phyto-fortifiers to stimulate plants' self defence. They believe in less aggressive handling of the soil or the vines through sowing of grassy plants and legumes in order to revitalise the soil and reduce soil compaction.

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