Paulett Wines - Clare Valley, Australia

The Paulett Family.
The Paulett Family.

Paulett Wines is situated in the heart of the best wine growing region of Australia, the beautiful Clare Valley in South Australia.

The Polish Hill River region was named after the Polish settlers of the mid 1800’s. The area is blessed with a climate ideal for premium grape growing. A long ripening season produces grapes with exceptional flavours and balance.

The estate was started by Neil & Alison Paulett in the early 1980’s, with 1983 being their first vintage. Today their son Matthew, and his wife Ali, the next generation, are assuming leading roles. They have a deep respect for the land and an intimate knowledge of their vineyards with their unique and individual terroirs. With extreme care from the talented family winemaking team they are able to craft wines reflecting ‘their sense of place’.

Paulett have built a reputation for producing wines of finesse, elegance and intensity. They are true craftsmen, and with over 40 years of experience, which has enabled Paulett to remain at the forefront of Australian winemaking.

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