Famille Fabre

Famille Fabre
The Team at Famille Fabre

Famille Fabre are passionate winemakers who have been perfecting their techniques and the foundations of their business for over fourteen generations.

The family and their vineyards have grown since 1605, while remaining true to their land. They now own five chateaux in the Languedoc region of France.

Famille Fabre has great respect for the environment and for the integrity of their profession. They are committed to bringing out the best of their terroir through rigorous plot selection, and cultivation, together with the ageing and vinification techniques of the grapes.

Famille Fabre maintains an intimate and respectful relationship with nature. Since 1991 Louis Fabre has pioneered the conversion to organic grape farming, becoming one of the first Languedoc winemakers to go green. He continues to prioritise and develop eco-conscious farming and winemaking, exploring new methods and always looking for new solutions to the environmental problems we face. “Quality is not a state, it is a path.” 

For generations Famille Fabre has cultivated an innate sense of invention and innovation. An openness to new ideas has become the backbone of their commitment to quality. Each year presents a game with new rules. The freshly harvested grapes set the tone and the creative winemaker imagines new vintages; carbonic maceration, natural and sparkling wines… the possibilities are endless.

A heart line more than a bloodline, Famille Fabre is made up of many talented individuals with a common ambition. They have built their family history upon the values of authenticity and generosity.