Dominio de Punctum

Jose Cadeau of Dominio de Punctum
Jose Cadeau of Dominio de Punctum

The great plain of La Mancha, to the south of Madrid and east of Toledo, represents the largest viticultural area of Spain. The climate is arid, extreme in both summer and winter, tempered by strong prevailing winds.

The widely planted white Arien grape variety is slowly losing favour to Tempranillo, Shiraz and Garnacha and the old wineries are giving way to gleaming modern facilities heralding a revolution for the region`s winemaking.

The estate was founded in 2005 and run by the Fernandez family, `Finca Fabian` estate currently includes over 150 hectares of vineyards. The winery is located adjacent to the vineyards allowing to keep the maximum quality in the production of the whites, reds, young and aged wines. Since the beginning, the focus has been on organic and biodynamic production. The estate has an annual production of 1.5 million bottles and includes 200 hectares of vineyards planted on limestone rich soils. The production of these amazing wines is now managed by winemaker Ruth Fernandez and brother Jesus Fernandez.

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