Domaine des Trinités

Simon Coulshaw
Simon Coulshaw at our 2017 tasting.

Simon Coulshaw and his wife, Monica, identified the exceptional potential of Domaine des Trinites and moved the family to the Languedoc to fulfil his passion to create artisan `vins du terroir`.

The Domaine des Trinités covers 24 hectares and is located on the sun baked schist slopes of the Cevennes mountains, the south eastern part of the Massif Central. What little vegetation there is struggles against the elements to survive and it’s this meagre rock `soil` which forces the vines roots deeper and deeper to find water and minerals. The vineyards are located on steep south facing slopes surrounded by nothing other than `garrigue`, ensuring great drainage and the optimum ripening conditions of hot days and cool evenings, providing the perfect micro-climate for the deep rooting vines.

Simon is also a firm practitioner in growing his vines `biodynamically`, to have a vineyard that is a complete and sustainable ecosystem, with nothing artificial added to the soil.

The result is that this beautiful Domaine produces wines that are uniquely expressive and complex with plenty of character.


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