Château de Parenchère

Château de Parenchère
Owner Eigenaar Per Landais, export manager Julia Gazaniol and Wine maker Richard Curty.

Château de Parenchère rises up from green countryside at the boundary between the Gironde and Dordogne departments on the eastern edge of Bordeaux.

The foundations of this 18th century Perigord architectural ensemble were laid down in 1570 by Pierre de Parenchières, Lord of Fourgoignières. It was then totally destroyed and rebuilt in 1731. Today the Château is the property of the Gazaniol family, who purchased it in 1958 after Raphaël Gazaniol returned from North Africa where his family had been winegrowers for two generations.

The Château’s vineyards lies on chalky soils with a very high clay content, which is unusual for this area and which goes some way to accounting for the strength of the wines produced. The vineyard is concentrated on 63 hectares, planted on the estate’s best exposed plots and solely on hillsides so that rainwater drains away naturally. The Château uses a sustainable approach to vine growing, to help maintain quality and respect for their environment.


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