Cantina Gorgo

Cantina Gorgo
Roberto and Roberta Bricolo

Gorgo Winery is a family owned company located in Custoza (Verona-Veneto region) that was founded by one of the current owners’ grandfather in 1970 as an investment and has been taken on by father and daughter team Roberto and Roberta Bricolo. They are supported by a skilled viticultural team who have been with them since the beginning. The soils in the region are made up of pebbles and silt rich in calcium, which give the wines a distinctive mineral character.

They now own around 50 hectares of vineyards, with full organic certification on track to be being granted in 2018. The land is cultivated by hand and the wines are made in their own winery. With a philosophy of cultivating typical and indigenous grape varieties but with careful protection of the environment, this innovative winery have earned a two Biccheri rating in Italy’s prestigious Gambero Rosso.

Their wines are firmly rooted in tradition with a modern and eclectic approach to production and their focus is to offer high value wines for everyday drinking.


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