Feliz Pascua! Chilean Wine Pairings

Ruta 90 Cabernet Sauvignon
Ruta 90 Cabernet Sauvignon

Molly pairs our new Chilean wines with festive treats for the Christmas holidays

Enjoy the Estampa Inspiracion range with their wonderful expression of Italian varieties! The red is made with the Barolo grape Nebbiolo, with its concentrated red fruit and black pepper spice, perfect with a Beef Wellington on Christmas Day!  

The white is a blend of Fiano, Greco and Vermentino creating the perfect balance of complex and yet fresh apple, pear and stone fruit with floral notes with a rich texture from time in amphorae which would complement a lovely nut roast as a vegetarian Christmas dinner. 

Estampa also have their Ruta 90 range with the Cabernet Sauvignon showing as the best beef pairing, and might I suggest with Roast Beef Yorkies – a fun party canapé! The powerful ripe notes of red cherry, blackberry and plum will perfectly accompany any beef dish.

Maycas de Limari wines from Emililana are fantastic examples of quality cooler-climate wines with the Chardonnay making a perfect pairing with an oozing baked Camembert – an essential Christmas treat! The citrus fruit and stone fruit combined with a rich, round character is a match made in heaven for rich baked cheese. The Pinot Noir has wonderful bright-red fruits and hint of tobacco and herbs - which would be beatifully complement an alternative roast goose this Christmas.

For those who love their Christmas leftovers on Boxing Day, the VFC Rustico wines have all you need to continue the celebrations. The Pais is native to Chile and makes a lovely fresh wine with bright redcurrant and cranberry – acting as your cranberry sauce for your turkey sandwich, with as many trimmings as you can pack in! The Moscatel is then the perfect partner for the classic ‘Bubble and Squeak’ with its bright fruits complimenting all the roast vegetables, especially the sweeter parsnip and buttery potatoes. 

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By Molly Newport