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Bodegas Luzon vines

We are very excited to introduce our new producer from Jumilla, Spain, showcasing the best the region has to offer, with four great wines. But, how well do you know Jumilla?

Jumilla is a fantastic region to become familiar with, known for its flagship variety Monastrell (also known as Mourvèdre from France) producing deeply coloured, full bodied powerful wines dominated by black fruit and rich tannins. The variety dates back to as early as 1317 as recorded in historical text. The region is in Murcia in the Southeast of Spain, not far from Alicante. It is warm and dry, receiving only 300mm of rain each year with dry soils such as volcanic soil and limestone but very rocky in nature.  

Monastrell is well-suited to this dry climate as it is late ripening and so it needs warm conditions for long ripening period and has small berries with thick skins for tannic wines. The best quality comes from old ungrafted vines (only 6% in the region) which can manage in dry conditions, with their deeper roots able to reach water. Ultimately these older vines produce lower yields, but with a great concentration of flavours. Many choose to age the wines in oak to soften the tannin and add some oak flavours, such as sweet spice, vanilla or toast.

About Bodegas Luzon

Bodegas Luzon has been operating since 1841, they have 415 hectares, including plots of vines older than 45 years which are un-grafted and dry-farmed, resulting in their wonderfully concentrated wines.

Grapes maturing on old vine

Their journey began in The Philippines, on the island of Luzón to be exact, where founder Don José Molina spent his military years. Upon his return to Jumilla in 1841, he took over the farming of the family lands and named his property Finca Luzón, in honour of the island that always remained in his memory. Don José's firstborn daughter, Ana, later became the heiress of the estate and the winery was run by the women of the family, until 1980.

This vintage saw earlier harvest and low yields for excellent concentration so keep an eye out for 2023.


For now, we are pleased to introduce the following wines: 

Coleccion Organic Monastrell, Bodegas Luzon 2022 

Sin Sulfitos Organic Monastrell, Bodegas Luzon 2022 

Altos de Luzon Organic Monastrell, Bodegas Luzon 2020 

Por Ti Icon Blend Monastrell Cabernet Sauvignon, Bodegas Luzon 2020 

By Molly Newport

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