Follow the team's adventures...

Megan Clarke

Our team are always busy, out and about exploring the wonderful world of wine. Keep up to date with some of their adventures via their Instagram and Twitter. 

Megan Clarke, Wine Buyer

When not travelling the globe, sourcing new and exciting wines, Megan enjoys a glass or two on her balcony. Follow her Twitter here.


Holly Ellis, Trainee Sales Manager

Follow Holly as she tastes her way through our portfolio, learning all there is to know about the world of wine. Follow her Twitter here.


Chris White, Sales Manager

Tasting aplenty, whilst studying for his WSET Diploma. Follow Chris for his favourite wine recommendations. You can also follow him on Twitter.


Laurent Bergmann, Sales Manager

A grid full of delicious dining, and great wines to match. Follow Laurent for some serious food envy. You can also follow him on his Twitter.


Maria Blackstone, Graphic Designer

Less wine and more design... Maria's feed is full of design, food, photography and travel. As well as Instagram, you can also find her on Twitter.


Rupert Lovie, Head of Marketing

Follow cycling enthusiast Rupert on Twitter here.


Matthew Cooper, Wine Buyer

Lover of craft beers and pork scratchings. Follow Matthew's shenanigans over on his Twitter


Richard Page, Purchasing Manager

Fulham and fitness fanatic, follow Richard on Twitter.