Producer Spotlight: Wairau River Wines

The Rose Family
The Winery
Wairau River Wines

Family is at the heart of what we do here at Ellis Wines, like many of our family-run wine makers. 

Wairau River Wines is run by the Rose Family. The Rose family have a long and proud pioneering history in the Marlborough region with Phil and Chris Rose establishing their vineyards on the banks of the Wairau river in 1978. Today, all five Rose children are deeply connected to this Marlborough winery and along with their partners are involved in the family wine business. Each family member plays a key role in the business, from viticulture and winemaking, to finance, administration and the running of the popular Wairau River Cellar Door and Restaurant. Read more about their story here.

You can see more in their beautiful video below. Although, it should come with a warning, as after watching you'll most likely want to book a visit!

They have recently rebranded, and produce some stunning wines which match the beautiful new packaging inspired by the Wairau river near their estate.The edge of the Wairau river is a special place for growing grapes. A unique place that combines the very best of Marlborough’s soil, climate and terrain.


Find out more about the individual wines here.