Whitey's Arctic Survival Trek: Update

Snowy Sweden
starry night
snow hole

Back in February, our Sales Team Manager, Chris took part in an Arctic survival trek for a charity close to his heart; DEBRA.

"I have been supporting DEBRA since my good friend's Pete & Kate had their daughter Poppy.  

Poppy is now 8 years old and in all her life she has never experienced a single day without excruciating pain. She suffers with the rare genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), also known as Butterfly Syndrome. This is where the skin is as fragile as a butterfly's wing and the slightest knock or bump can result in the skin either blistering or tearing away.

Life with EB is extremely difficult for Poppy. She doesn’t get the chance to be a typical 8 year old like all of her friends. She has had to accept from a very early age that she is unable to do most of the physical things that her peers do. 

Poppy’s day is dominated by 3 hours of painful dressing changes. She is bandaged from the neck down to not only protect her skin but keep her open wounds clean. People with EB are extremely susceptible to infection.

Despite all of this Poppy is one of the happiest, bravest and kind hearted little girls you will ever meet.  The strength she shows, with the unbelievable support of her mum, dad and family is truly inspiring. 

DEBRA is the national charity supporting those directly affected by, and working with, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a potentially fatal skin condition that causes constant pain due to unstoppable internal and external blistering. DEBRA provides lifelong care and support to the entire EB community.Together we #FightEB and together we will beat EB."

Watch this video, about the DEBRA Arctic Challenge...you might need a tissue!

Below are a few words about Chris' experience.

"From the minute of meeting my fellow challengers on the training weekend in November, it was obvious we were in for a really tough, but fun week in Sweden. The group of volunteers I went with all had a close connection with EB, and we were determined to get through it together and support each other. Easier said than done when you are bitterly cold, with frozen toes & fingers, sleep deprived and surviving off boil in the bag rations! However, we made it through in one piece and truly had a once in a lifetime experience. Sleeping out under the stars in -19, digging and sleeping in our snow hole and constantly chopping wood to keep a fire going 24hrs a day, were all tough but also very cool (boom boom!)

We made friends for life through our experience, but also smashed our target and raised lots of money to help those living with EB. Thanks to everyone who donated"

Chris raised an impressive total of £5,359.00 for DEBRA.

A very well done from all of us, Chris!