We’re excited to reveal our new electric vans

Electric Van infront of Warehouse

As we mentioned in our portfolio earlier this year, sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking as we move our business forward, to ensure we soften our impact on the planet and the issues that are caused by global warming. We are dedicated to reducing our impact across all areas of our business including our fleet of vehicles.

Earlier this year we trialled an electric vehicle and are pleased to announce we have brought two on board to join our fleet for our London deliveries. The brand-new look has been designed by our in-house design team and sign written by Symbol Sam Signs.

The 4.25tn electric vans have a maximum load of approximately 1400 kilograms with a 200-mile radius. In a 50-week year these two electric vans will save approximately 100 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Our drivers are currently undergoing training to drive them safely and efficiently.

Our wider fleet of delivery vehicles are fitted with EURO 6 engines, which are engineered to reduce primarily harmful nitrogen oxide but also sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and diesel particulate matter. Route optimising software is also employed to maximise efficiency and GPS tracking, plus it monitors drivers and fuel consumption.

We hope you will agree with us that they look great, and if you happen to spot us out on the road do let us know!

Team Ellis Wines.