Neleman: Best Vegan Winery

Best Vegan Winery

Congratulations to Neleman, who have been awarded the Best Vegan Winery 2021 in Spain, according to LUXlife Magazine (UK). They were also awarded the Sustainability Excellence Award 2021.

We are proud to champion many producers where sustainability is at the core of what they do. Remember, our portfolio has a list of all our sustainable producers, as well as adding a new sustainable field to our fact sheets on our website. For further information on our sustainability credentials, visit here or get in touch

Neleman says:

'As a Vegan Winery, we do not use any animal products to clarify and fine the wines, but always fining agents coming from vegetables. All the wines from Bodegas Neleman are certified Vegan by the British Vegan society.

Additionally, all our wines come from organically grown grapes, free of substances such as herbicides and fungicides, looking to create a totally natural balance in our vineyards. We also calculate and show our carbon footprint on every bottle (CarbonCloud) with the main objective to reduce it more and more. 

The more we do right, the less we do wrong!'

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