George is running the marathon

George out Running

We are proud of our Sales Manager George, who is running the marathon for Hospitality Action. 

Last Tuesday, the office were lucky enough to tuck into a variety of treats, baked up by George himself, and so far he has raised a whopping £2132 of his £2500 target. If you are able to donate to this great cause you can head here, and to find out more read George's story below.

His Story:

This year I'm running my first marathon, raising money for Hospitality Action. The hospitality industry is remarkable, and the work HA do to support those who make it so amazing is inspiring.

I've been working in and around hospitality since I was 17, starting as a pot wash in my local golf club, to my current role in the wine trade. Hospitality has been a key part of my life for many years, and is part of my family history. Owning and working in pubs, restaurants, and hotels has been a common theme on both sides of my family, dating back to at least the 1870s. No wonder I caught the hospitality bug!

I was fortunate enough to meet and connect with so many amazing people, both as guests and colleagues. But as magical as the industry is, long hours in a high pressure environment has seen many of my colleagues struggle with their mental and physical health, myself included.

Since the start of the pandemic Hospitality Action have been able to provide financial assistance to over 7,500 hospitality households to record breaking levels of over £2.2million. As the crisis has developed they have evolved their grant giving to help families come to terms with increasing financial pressures and higher living costs.

• £25 pays for an hour of telephone support. Providing a listening ear for those struggling with the impact of COVID-19.

• £100 pays for new interview clothes and shoes to help hospitality people get back to work following redundancy.

• £250 provides an emergency grant to cover essential costs like utilities and food following redundancy

My own personal mental health struggles experienced whilst working in the industry are what has inspired me to take on this huge challenge. So if you are able to, please dig deep. Any financial support you are able to give would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help rebuild this wonderful industry, and to support those who make it happen.

To find out more about Hospitality Action visit: