Nicholas Delaforce

Temilobos is named after a tributary of the Douro which it joins on the edge of the property.

The Delaforce family have owned and run Temilobos for over 80 years with 7ha under vine.

The name Temilobos is shared with a tributary of the Rio Douro (River of Gold) that joins it on the edge of the property - from 'de mil lobos': of a thousand wolves.

The vineyards at Temilobos are a mix of very old and more recent plantings, the older ones being on traditional, non-terraced rows that can only be worked by foot or mule.

The more recent vines, planted in 2001 and 2004 are on "patamares" or terraces of one or two rows that allow access by tractor.

Though the total area under vines is no more than seven hectares (17.76 acres), the soil varies from heavy clay on the western edge to schist. The landscape is rugged and, coupled with the very hot, dry summers/contrasting with cold winters,

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