Ellis Super Stars

Chris Marathon

The Ellis team have been going to great efforts to raise a fantastic amount of money for charity.

Chris White, Sales Team

Chris and Poppy

"This is a picture of me and Poppy after I finished the Brighton Marathon for Debra back in 2014, when I swore I would never do another one! But here we go again. The reality is I can’t do anything to make Poppy’s life pain free or make the daily dressing and medication routine easier for her mum and dad, Pete & Kate.  But if I can do this and raise some well needed funds for DEBRA, and awareness of this vicious disease, then I will do it gladly. Poppy is 6 now, and sadly has been in pain every day of her life, but watching her grow into such a bright, funny, brave and determined little girl has been amazing to see. Pete & Kate are absolute machines, they are an inspiration to me, and Poppy and her little brother George are lucky to have such amazing parents Debra have been there to support the Gee family since day one, providing advice, support and a network of experts & fellow EB families to help get through some of the most difficult times. All of the above, as well as funding research into EB, to hopefully one day find a cure, is the reason I want to do the London Marathon. Until Poppy was born, like most people, I had never heard of EB, but having seen the effects of it first hand, I don’t believe there is a more cruel disease for those suffering and their families. Training so far has been pretty up and down to say the least. Dry January was a good start to 2018 and in reality the time when the training went up a notch, from a run or 2 a week, to a proper plan. Then the Aussie flu hit me hard, suddenly I wasn’t feeling so smug, having lost nearly 3 weeks, unable to do anything. Back on track now, not as quick as I wanted to be but so be it, I will finish no matter what. I am so excited and feel very privileged to have a place in the marathon this year. I want to thank everyone that has donated so far, every penny helps. I don’t know how anyone who sees or reads about EB could not want to give something to help. I will be starting the marathon with Poppy’s mum Kate and Auntie Mel too (running for Sohanna Research fund), so needless to say will have plenty of motivation and support as we make our way round the busy streets. I can’t wait to celebrate with them, Poppy and all the friends and family that have supported me up to this point. April 22nd, bring it on!!"

Chris finished the marathon in 4hr 54min and has raised over £3,300 – it’s not too late to donate here


Megan Clarke, Wine Buyer

Megan and Adam

"On the 24th June 2017 we got married, and just 10 weeks before that we sadly lost Adam’s lovely mum, Marian. She was a massive part of everyone’s life and although we had a brilliant day it was obviously very hard too as she wasn’t there to celebrate with us. She had an illness called Sarcoidosis, something which is quite rare and therefore underfunded. It took her from being a very strong, generous and loving woman to someone who needed permanent oxygen as it attacked her lungs. So we have decided to do the Three Peaks Challenge in June which will finish on the 24th June, our first wedding anniversary. We hope to raise a lot of money for the Sarcoidosis charity in the hope that the important research they are doing will find a cure for this debilitating disease. This will be a big challenge and we will celebrate our first year of marriage by climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours!

For updates on our training progress follow the hashtags:  #clarkesfirstanniversarychallenge #teamlarke"

You can read more about her story and donate here.